Our Mission Statement

”Blending modern medicine with old fashioned care”


We want to keep the small practice feel for our patients and clients – you are more than just a number. At Sore Paws Veterinary Clinic you will be provided with personal service, and your pet will have individualised care. You will not be lost in the mix of a large Veterinary chain.

We want you to belong to a practice where your feel cared for, a place where each individual animal receives the very highest standards of service and attention in terms of Veterinary and nursing care. This is achieved by a combination of dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced staff, high quality facilities and medicines. We want to develop the bonds between our team and clients, we understand that pets are a part of your family.

In a time where Veterinary Practices are being bought up by corporate chains, the personal care aspect of service can be compromised. Be part of a place where your pet’s health and well being are prioritised over sales, where you are a part of our clinic community and not another statistic, become part of a place where your dedicated Veterinary team genuinely care. After all, your little friend is a part of your home, a part of your family, and here at Sore Paws, we will treat them that way.

Not all practices feel the same.