Privacy Notice

At the Sore Paws Veterinary Practice, we take great care with all the Personal Data we hold, to ensure we comply with best professional practice and with the law.


Sore Paws Veterinary Clinic


We are a Data Controller under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation

This Privacy Noticeexplains what Personal Data the practice holds, why we hold and process it, who we might share it with, and your rights and freedoms under the Law.

Types of personal Data

The practice holds personal data in the following categories:

  1. Pet clinical and health data and pet owner correspondence
  2. Staff employment data
  3. Contractors data

Why we process Personal Data (what is the purpose)

“Process” means we obtain, store, update and archive data.

  1. Pet health and pet owner correspondence data is held for the purpose of providing pets with appropriate, high quality, safe and effective care and treatment.
  2. Staff employment data is held in accordance with Employment, Taxation and Pensions Law.
  3. Contractors’ data is held for the purpose of managing their contracts.

What is the Lawful Basis for processing Personal Data?

The law says we must tell you this:

  1. We hold pet and pet owner data because it is in our Legitimate interest to do so.

Without holding the data we cannot work effectively.

  1. We hold staff employment data because it is a Legal Obligationfor us to do so.
  2. We hold contractors data because it is needed to Fulfil a Contract with us.

Who might we share your data with?

We can only share data if it is done securely and it is necessary to do so.

  1. Pet health data may be shared with other healthcare professionals who need to be involved in your pet’s care (for example if we refer you to a specialist or if laboratory work needs to be undertaken or if you change veterinary practice and clinical history has to be forwarded onto the new Veterinary Practice. Pet health data may also be stored for back up purposes with our computer software suppliers.
  2. Employment data will be shared with government agencies such as HMRC, Pension provider Accountant (for payroll purposes).

Your Rights

You have the right to:

  1. Be informed about the personal data we hold and why we hold it.
  2. Access a copy of your data that we hold by contacting us directly: we will acknowledge your request and supply a response within one month or sooner.
  3. Check the information we hold about you is correct and to make corrections if not.
  4. Have your data erased in certain circumstances.
  5. Transfer your data to someone else if you tell us to do so and it is safe and legal to do so.
  6. Tell us not to actively process or update your data in certain circumstances.

How long is the Personal Data stored for?

  1. We will store pet health data for as long as we are providing care, treatment or recalling pets for further care. We will archive (that is, store it without further action) for as long as is required for legal or insurance purposes, or as recommended by trusted experts.
  2. We must store employment data for six years after an employee has left.
  3. We must store contractors’ data for seven years after the contract is ended.

What if you are not happy or wish to raise a concern about our data processing?


You can complain in the first instance to Data protection officer, who is Carole Stead on 01325308000 and we will do our best to resolve the matter. If this fails, you can complain to the Information Commissioner at or by calling 03031231113.