Dental Health

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sore_paws_dental385% of pets over the age of 3 will have developed some degree of dental disease.  Imagine if we didn’t brush our teeth for 3 years?  Despite the seemingly obvious consequence of lack of a dental hygiene routine for your pet, owners are often surprised to learn that their pet is suffering from dental health problems.

It is often expected that your pet will stop eating if they are suffering with mouth pain.  This is not the case.  Even in cases of severe dental disease, symptoms are not always obvious.  Signs of dental disease may include halitosis (bad breath), drooling, eating on one side, food falling from their mouth, blood visible in their water bowl, selecting wet over dry food, red gums, loose teeth, and in severe cases, a discharge coming from their mouth and/or nose.



At Sore Paws Veterinary Clinic, we strongly encourage prevention over waiting until treatment is necessary.  For this reason, we offer FREE dental checks with our qualified nurses where your dog or cat will have a dental assessment.  Then, our nurses can recommend products and techniques you can implement at home, based on your pets individual needs.  Your pet may require a dental scale and polish, and maybe even dental extractions.  Call or book an appointment online today.

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