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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I vaccinate my pets?

For Cats and Dogs once the initial puppy and kitten course is complete it would then move onto an annual vaccination. Rabbits usually have two vaccines a year to cover both the Myxo-RHD & RHD2.

When should I get my puppy/kitten vaccinated?

As a practice, we vaccinate puppies at 8 weeks old and then again at 12 weeks of age to be fully protected. Kittens are slightly different their first vaccine is given at 9 weeks of age and then again at 12 weeks of age.

What happens if I lapse my annual vaccination?

If you lapse your annual vaccination you would need to restart the course again so for Dogs you would need your routine booster and then a top-up vaccination 4 weeks later to be fully protected. For Cats, it is also a routine booster and then a top-up vaccine 3 weeks later to be covered again.

How often should I flea/worm my pet?

Depending on the age and product given, puppies and kittens should be wormed monthly for the first 6 months of their life and then usually every three months unless you use the monthly combined flea/worm treatment (Prinovox). We usually advise Bravecto & Milbemax in practice as they provide 3 months protection for Fleas,Ticks and Worms. They are also included in our monthly preventative healthcare plan!

What age can my cat be neutered?

We usually neuter cats from 6 months of age in some circumstances it can be slightly earlier if needed. We always recommend booking a pre-op check to ensure they are fit and healthy prior to the surgery.

What age can my dog be neutered?

Female dogs can be neutered from 6 months of age before they come into season if not then it would be three months after their season has finished. Male dogs can be neutered from 6 months of age depending on their breed and size, we also highly recommend pre-op checks are done prior to the surgery to ensure they are fit and healthy. Pre-op checks are free of charge.

Do you have an out of hours service if my pet is unwell after the practice closes?

Yes for the Newton Aycliffe brand we use Wear Referrals at Sedgefield which is about a 10-minute drive from the practice, you are free however to use any out of hours service. At Winlaton we use Vets Now in Gateshead, the number for which is available on our home page.

My dog is going into kennels, when will she need her kennel cough vaccine?

We recommend that your dog has their kennel cough vaccine 2 weeks prior to going into kennels but we ask that you contact your kennels as all kennels have their own specific rules regarding the time of vaccination.

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Thank you so much for the excellent dental descale you did on our Bedlington Terrier, Willow. She looks great in the tooth department again!

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