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At Sore Paws, we aim to provide the highest standards of customer service and level of care for you and your pet. We treat all small animals, including cats, dogs, small furry pets, birds and reptiles. If your pet is healthy, we aim to keep them that way with an array of preventative health care measures.


We provide core vaccines for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets, as well as additional vaccinations such as Kennel Cough for dogs, and Rabies for dogs, cats and ferrets which are travelling abroad with a Pet Passport.

Anti-parasite treatment

We provide a range of different anti-parasiticide treatments to suit your individual pets’ needs. There are three groups of worms you need to protect your pet against: Roundworm, Tapeworm, and Lungworm. We have a broad choice of products with different means of application (i.e. tablets, spot on, liquid suspensions). We also have treatments for ecto-parasites – parasites which live on the surface of the body, and products which treat a combination of these.


There are lots of homeless animals out there and not enough loving homes, so we believe it is a really important part of responsible pet ownership to neuter your pet.  Not only this, but early neutering can significantly decrease the chance of your pet developing certain diseases, cancers, and behavioural issues. It is great that you’re thinking about neutering your pet. We have a fully equipped surgical theatre and provide neutering to all species of companion animals. We also vasectomise ferrets.  Call the surgery to book your pet in for a FREE pre-op check with the Vet.

Regular health checks

Hopefully your pet will live a long and happy life, and in most cases will only see us once a year for a full health check at their annual vaccination. However, to your pet, 12 months is a long time. This is why we recommend 6 monthly health checks to all of our patients. This allows us to be better able to detect issues which may be developing with your pets health and take early intervention. Even if your pet is in perfect health, it gives both you and your Vet peace of mind! Call the clinic on 01325 308 000 or book an appointment online.


As of 06 April 2016, it will be a legal requirement that ALL DOGS are microchipped in England. We strongly advise microchipping all dogs and cats – even those that are kept indoors.  Rabbits and Ferrets can also be microchipped. If your pet gets out and wanders off, without a microchip, it is very unlikely they will be found and returned to you safely. We offer microchipping at a discounted rate if done with the initial vaccine course or during a surgical procedure. We have miniature microchips for small breeds and young animals.  Call us to book your appointment on 01325 308 000 or book online.

Puppy/Kitten Care

We understand how exciting it is adding a new furry addition to your family! It can be a daunting experience understanding your puppy/kittens needs within the first few weeks. We offer free Puppy/Kitten health checks, where our nursing team will take the time to talk you through all of the things you need to do to ensure the best start for your new little one.

Dental Hygiene

85% of dogs and cats over the age of 3 years of age will have some degree of dental disease. However, despite how common this disease is, it is often overlooked by most pet owners! Here at Sore Paws, we believe helping owners understand the impact dental health can have on your pets overall health is important, and so we offer FREE dental checks with our nurses, who will help formulate an individual health care plan which works for you and your pet and meets their dental healthcare needs, and if necessary, we can perform dental scale and polish procedures in house, and perform any necessary tooth extractions to help restore your pets dental health back to 100%!

Senior Pet Care

Pets are now living longer than ever before. This is great news! However, one consequence of this is that pets are facing more age related problems. Sometimes these problems can develop slowly and you may not notice these changes until your pet begins to show advanced signs. This is why we provide free Senior pet checks, and offer a 7+ package – a basic health screen involving blood and urine testing at a reduced cost, so to better allow you to care for your aging friend!

Weight Management

As in people, pets carrying extra pounds are a higher risk of developing obesity-related health problems. The extra body weight puts added strain onto your pets joints, internal organs, and physiology. Recent studies have found that having an overweight pet can reduce their life expectancy by as much as 2.5 years! We appreciate how hard it can be to get your pet back on track, which is why we provide Weight Management clinics – regular weight checks and at length discussions with our team members to help you identify where your pet needs help, as well as receiving diet and exercise tips and plenty of motivation! These clinics are FREE of charge and heavily encouraged if you have concerns for your pets weight and overall health.

Pet Passports/Export Certificates

The Pet Travel Scheme is a system which allows animals to travel easily throughout EU member countries without having to stay in quarantine. Our Vets are fully qualified Official Veterinarians, and as such, are licenced to provide your pets with Pet Passports and export certification.

Reproductive Services

If you are a breeder, or interested in breeding, we offer hormone testing, pregnancy scanning, and caesarean sections where appropriate

Out of Hours

We appreciate that you cannot predict when your pet becomes ill of becomes involved in a mishap! This is why we have formed a partnership with our nearby referral centre who are committed to providing high quality out of hours care to our patients and clients when we are not open. This means that together, you and your pet are guaranteed round the clock care and attention, 7 days a week, as and when you need it.

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